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The Alpine iXA-W404 is an iPod/iPhone-compatible car A/V head unit and Digital Media Station.

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sound quality is excellent, drives aftermarket speakers powerfully without needing an extra amp

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iPod interface is well rendered, easy to navigate

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lots of options for shaping the sound, easy to use EQ

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outputs a clean, strong signal to external amps

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touchscreen isn't very sensitive, sometimes need to hit a button a few times to get a reaction

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takes a bit of time to get all of the settings worked out, setup is a bit time consuming

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extreme latency when using a USB flash drive, takes up to 10 minutes to read all of the files

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movie files will only play from an iPod, won't work with other USB devices

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The Alpine iXA-W404 is an iPod/iPhone-compatible car A/V head unit and Digital Media Station. It comes packaged with a USB cable for connecting an iPhone, an iPod, or even a thumb drive. Once connected, they can be tucked away, as control of music and videos is done through the receiver’s 4.3” QVGA color touch-screen display. Plus, this receiver is also Bluetooth Ready (adapter require) and includes a convenient phone button. Note also that this receiver is equipped to add on a plethora of additional media sources: HD Radio, Satellite Radio, DVD Changer, Steering Wheel Remote, etc. Most notable about the Alpine iXA-W404 is its QuickSearch technology, which makes scrolling through playlists, artists, songs, podcasts, audiobooks, genres, and composers a very simple process.

  • iPod/iPhone-Compatible A/V Head
  • 4.3” QVGA Touch-Screen
  • Bluetooth Ready
  • Satellite Radio Ready
  • QuickSearch Technology
  • Sound Control
  • Clock
  • Calendar
  • Calculator
  • Max Power Out: 50W x 4
  • FM Tuning Range: 87.7-107.9 MHz
  • AM Tuning Range: 530-1710 kHz
  • Display: 4.3” LCD
  • Chassis Size (W x H x D) in: 7 '' x 3-15/16'' x 5-9/16''
  • Weight: 1.6kg
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