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The Alpine IVA-W205 is an in-dash unit labeled by Alpine as an "affordable yet powerful" media station.

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DVD navigation is intuitive and has a good response

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installation is simple, doesn't require a technician

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touchscreen is responsive, icons are well laid out to make it easy to use

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picture is clear and bright enough for daylight use

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controls are simple and easy to work with

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durable enough to be left in the glove box to slide around a bit without damage

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clear audio output without any discernible distortion

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buttons and ports are all sturdy enough to handle heavy use

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The Alpine IVA-W205 is an in-dash unit labeled by Alpine as an "affordable yet powerful" media station. While it does feature full support with a separate docking station that includes GPS navigation technology, the focus of the Alpine IVA-W205 is on comprehensive multimedia functions. The Alpine IVA-W205 device includes a wide range of media functionality including iPod connection support, Bluetooth and cell phone device support, High Definition radio support, Satellite radio support, and of course universal compact disc and DVD support. The biggest feature of the IVA-W205 is the 6.5" Touch screen display with integrated Pulsetouch technology; Pulsetouch emits a vibration and series of pulses to provide a unique experience for the user which Alpine claims is similar to pressing a button or scrolling a tab.

  • 6.5" WVGA touch screen with Pulsetouch technology
  • iPod Connectivity
  • Bluetooth capable
  • Satellite radio-ready
  • HD radio ready
  • Rear camera-ready
  • CD/DVD input
  • iPersonalize and Data download support
  • Release Date: June, 2007
  • MSRP: $1,000
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