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The CDE-9874 in dash CD/MP3 player from Alpine, released in November of 2007.

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colored backlighting looks impressive at night

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buttons are quick and easy to work with while driving once you get used to them

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good value for such a high-quality audio output, priced fairly low

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makes the most of OEM factory speakers for a great, detailed sound

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manual comes on a CD rather than a booklet, so you can't read it in the car

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hard to figure out many of the basic functions like updating the time

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can't control a connected iPod from the iPod itself, need to use the head unit's controls

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takes a long time to get used to how the buttons are assigned

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The CDE-9874 in dash CD/MP3 player from Alpine, released in November of 2007, has the capabilities of connecting Bluetooth devices and iPod’s via optional adapters. The in dash unit is designed with a rotary encoder and search function similar to iPods. The search functions enable quicker retrieval of songs from an iPod library. Streaming audio can be delivered from a Bluetooth device enabled with A2DP or AVRCP protocol. Capable of selecting the high frequencies for crossovers intended for more precise control. The sub-woofer output can also be adjusted for performance preferences. The CDE-9874 has a standard power output of 16 watts per channel.

  • Bluetooth and iPod compatible
  • Rotary encoder
  • Percentage search functions
  • 12 preset FM stations
  • 6 preset AM stations
  • High pass crossover
  • Adjustable sub-woofer output
  • 16 watt per 4 channel power output
  • 2 pairs of 2 volt pre-outs
  • Blue and red fixed color LCD display
  • WMA, MP3, and AAC compatible
  • Satellite radio capabale
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