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The Alpine CDE-121 is a car CD player that fits into a 1-DIN space in the dash.

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AUX input seems to work with almost anything that has a headphone jack

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clean audio output with no distortion, good detail in the sound

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iPod interface is fast and reliable, only takes a few seconds to access on startup

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MP3s play both from CDs and USB drives, good support for other audio formats

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user interface is a bit awkward, takes some time to find the track you want

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if copying files from a Mac, need to remove the extra hidden files that get placed there to avoid pauses in the playback

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doesn't include the remote control, need to buy it separately

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TheĀ Alpine CDE-121 is a car CD player that fits into a 1-DIN space in the dash. The design uses red illuminated buttons and a 1-line LCD display that can show select text from a CD or track information from a connected media device. The front AUX input accepts sound from a wide variety of portable media devices, and the USB port can connect to storage devices as well as the iPhone or iPod. Compatible file formats include MP3, WMA and AAC, and when connected with an iPod or iPhone full control of the device is enabled. An equalizer is built in that provides 6 separate tone balances to suit the music being played, and output runs to 4 channels at 50 watts each.

  • 1-DIN CD player
  • Red illuminated buttons, 1-line LCD display
  • Front USB Port
  • Front AUX input
  • Works with iPhone, Made for iPod
  • CD, MP3, WMA, AAC playback
  • Remote control ready (RUE-4202 sold separately)
  • Built in Equalizer, 6 modes
  • Max Power Output: 50W x 4
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