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The Alpine CDE-103BT is a mid-range single-DIN car audio receiver.

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buttons give tactile response to let you know you've pressed it in, don't feel flimsy

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hands-free Bluetooth calling uses very sensitive mic, can speak at normal volume and be heard easily

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sound quality is detailed, can hear sounds in songs you may have missed on other systems

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display can be customized to preferred color, easy to read in any light

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IPOD freezes constantly, especially after phone call hang-up or simply stopping/starring car

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radio defaults to External Amp and Bluetooth Off every time the car is turned off/on

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display doesn't show much information, makes browsing digital content difficult

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MP3 playback through USB can't handle larger files - freezes

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The Alpine CDE-103BT is a mid-range single-DIN car audio receiver. Although some more expensive Alpine head units require separate adapters for Bluetooth support, the technology is built into the CDE-103BT, enabling hands-free calling – a microphone is also included. However, a separately purchased cable is required for controlling an iPod or iPhone from within the receiver interface. QuickSearch and Percentage Search functions aim to make it easier to navigate large iPod libraries via the head unit. In addition to the iPod/iPhone input and standard CD player, the CDE-103BT features USB and AUX connectivity, and supports MP3, WMA, and AAC playback. Support for HD or satellite radio is not offered. The head unit outputs up to 50W per channel, or 18W RMS.

  • Single-DIN form factor
  • Bluetooth
  • Microphone
  • Hands-free calling
  • CD player
  • iPod/iPhone input (cable sold separately)
  • QuickSearch
  • Percentage Search
  • USB port
  • AUX input
  • MP3/WMA/AAC playback
  • AM/FM tuner
  • 4x50W max. power output (4x18W RMS)
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