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The CDA-9884 head unit from Alpine, released early in 2008, has a steering wheel remote control input。

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delivers strong and clear audio, distortion free

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bass delivery is full and strong, can be adjusted as well

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display is bright and clear, easy to read in any conditions

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good interface with iPod control, fast and gives full access

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need to be careful not to press the volume button in by accident

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controls take a long time to learn, need to refer to the manual at first

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generates a lot of heat during normal operation

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bad color choices, blue buttons and pinkish-red detailing clash

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The CDA-9884 head unit from Alpine, released early in 2008, has a steering wheel remote control input located in the rear of the unit to use the steering wheel controls to control the unit itself. The CDA-9884 can read WMA, MP3 and AAC file formats and is equipped with a bass engine designed to provide better control over high and low frequencies. To reverse settings back to the defaults a Defeat on/off button is located on the front of the device. A dedicated sub-woofer out allows for the control of the low frequency output from 0db to +15db. An optional auxiliary input can be used for a portable TV or DVD unit and iPod direct connection is available via a supplied cable. The CDA-9884 is also capable of accepting HD signals including multicast signals, as well as XM and Sirius satellite radio.

  • Ai-NET capable
  • HD signal reception
  • Optional remote control
  • Steering wheel control use
  • MP3, AAC, WMA file formats accepted
  • CD Signal to noise ratio of 105dBA
  • iPod ready
  • XM & Sirius satellite accepted
  • High pass crossover
  • Bass engine system
  • Separate sub-woofer outputs
  • Can connect a TV or DVD via auxiliary port
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