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The Hanger18 has a HDMI output, and a built-in 5.1 surround amplifier eliminating the need for an A/V receiver.

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Includes a built-in 5.1 surround amplifier

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No digital cable box required (includes HD tuner)

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Wireless network connectivity

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Good range of A/V inputs and outputs (includes HDMI)

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4 TV tuners: 2 analog, 2 HD/digital

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No rs232 communication port

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Manufacturing / Defects

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no 12 volt trigger input/output

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The Alienware Hangar18 is a home theater PC that simplifies your home theater by integrating all of the typical high-end media center components in one unit. Most notably, the Hanger18 has a HDMI output, and a built-in 5.1 surround amplifier eliminating the need for an A/V receiver.

The Hanger18 includes the functionality of a modern PVR including watching, pausing, and rewinding live television, and the functionality of an advanced media player such as pictures, music, video, and Internet content. The system comes pre-configured by Alienware to eliminate software and hardware compatibility issues. Also, the player supports the necessary copy protection schemes on its video playback.

The standard unit ships with two tuner cards (1 analog, 1 digital/HD), and can be upgraded to have a total of four (2 analog, 2 digital/HD). With four tuner cards it's possible to record 4 TV shows at once. You can also view live TV while recording up to 3 shows. Video is stored on the included 250 GB hard drive that optionally upgraded to a much larger 2 TB drive. The 2 TB drive can store hundreds of hours of HD content.

A/V output is often one of the areas where most PCs are lacking. The Hangar18 features a similar amount of AV ports that you'd find on any modern home theater device, alongside the usual ports found on a modern computer.

The system ships with high end processor and video components making it a capable PC gaming machine as well. Windows Vista Premium comes standard, so all modern games should work properly alongside all of the media capabilities that are built into the Media Center program.

The unit doesn't ship with any kind of gaming controllers, but does ship with a custom remote control. The remote features all of the buttons necessary to control the media playback, and includes gyro-control which lets you move the cursor on the screen by tilting the remote, replacing a traditional mouse.

List of Audio/Visual ports

  • HDMI with HDCP
  • S-Video out
  • Component
  • Optical audio out
  • 5 speaker audio out, with dedicated subwoofer port
  • Composite in
  • Stereo audio in

List of computer ports

  • 4 USB 2.0 ports
  • 1 Firewire
  • Gigabit ethernet
  • B/G wireless
Feature specifications
  • Standard 250GB hard drive, up to 2TB optional
  • AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual core processor
  • Up to 4GB of RAM
  • nVidia graphics card, standard is 720p output with an optional card for FullHD 1080p
Post Review
11/18/2007 09:41

The product was delivered on time and it came with a nice manual as well as software to restore the system back to its original state.  Hooking the product up was a breeze and we were able to get the Media Centre software configured after fidgeting with it for a while.  The manual was not very thorough and still needs significant effort in order for it to walk a person through the setup process successfully.

The product looks sleek but there were some manufacturing defects that rendered the DVD drive eject button unworkable.  Even though this product comes equipped with numerous audio and video input / output ports we were unable to make any of them work even after having spent a significant amount of time with technical support.

The TV tuner signal is not as clear as one would expect considering the steep price of the product as a whole.  Considering the price, we would not recommend this product until it reaches maturity.

06/10/2007 11:13

I appreciate Alienware's attempt at making a truly integrated HTPC. Love the advanced I/O and integrated amplifier.

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