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The AKG K 480 NC model is a high-end headphone set designed for mature, and active users always on the go.

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Fold and Go Design

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Traveling Case Included

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Comes with two cord sizes

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Single-sided cord

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Detachable Cord

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Noise Cancelling

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iPhone Compatible

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Good low frequency response

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Comfortable earpads and headband

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Can be used for hands-free calls.

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Comes with flight adapter

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Can double as a hands-free headset with an optional adapter

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Cable clip

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Closed to decrease external sounds

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active noise canceling introduces noise and artifacts

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active noise canceling requires a separate power supply

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The AKG K 480 NC model is a high-end headphone set designed for mature, and active users always on the go. The main K 480 feature is its unique fold and go design that collapses on a three dimensional axis and convenient leather carrying case that are combined for maximum portability. It also includes a fully detachable single side cord for added convenience (comes with two seperate cord sizes), designed to eliminate twisting and tangling wires; a power supply is also connected to the cord. The power supply enables active noise cancelling support to ensure maximum listening quality, and allows no ambient noise. The K 480 headset includes additional features such as iPhone compatibility, soft fabric ear pads for extra comfort, a padded headband, a 2.5mm/6.3mm jack adapter, a flight adapter for use in commercial planes, and is compatible with bluetooth cell phones and supports hands free calling; which is provided by an optional adapter. The AKG K 480 NC headset was released on August 29, 2005 and has an MSRP of $199.99.

Key Specs
  • Unique fold design that collapses on 3-D axis
  • Convenient Leather carrying case
  • Fully Detachable Single Side cord; eliminates wire tangling and comes in two seperate sizes
  • Power Supply attached to cord; enables active noise reduction
  • Closed-back design allows a natural and relaxed listening experience with elimination of ambient noise
  • iPhone compatibility
  • 2.5mm/ 6.3mm stereo jack adapter (included)
  • Soft fabric ear pads and padded headband for added comfort
  • In flight adapter
  • Compatible with Bluetooth enabled phones
  • Headphone weight: 125g
  • Sensitivity: 127dB
  • Frequency Response: 11Hz- 30,500Hz
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Release Date: 08/29/2005
  • MSRP: $199.99
Post Review
06/14/2011 09:12

I'v been using these headphones for around a month now and i am still loving them. i use them with my ipod and its 10000 song library with an incredibly wide range of music. i say this not to try and show off but in order to say that they are really brilliant for all types of music.

In my pesonnal oppinion, they excel when listening to Classical music with the Noise cancelling attatched as they give such a layered sound its pretty incredible for such a small and pair of headphones.

AND they come with a carry case so will be less likely to break, and it even has enough space for my ipod in (ipod Classic) aswell as additional cables.

truly great product.

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