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The AKG K 272 HD are one of four high definition headphone models offered in AKG's HD line up.

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Amazing for listening to ultra-high-quality audio

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closed back design eliminates quiet background noise - enhances listening experience

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slick aesthetic

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Balanced and even sound, transparency exposes every hidden instrument

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good build quality

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Velour ear pads that are comfortable, great sounding and washable

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Will show up every flaw in your compressed MP3s.

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Non-detachable cable

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Bulky and not portable

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Transparency exposes every hidden flaw

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Plastic headband

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The AKG K 272 HD are one of four high definition headphone models offered in AKG's HD line up.  This model features around the ear, closed back, gimbal-suspended headphones that are designed to minimize sound leakage, and maximize reduction of ambient noise to give excellent sound quality.  The accurate performance and uncolored sound make these ideal for broadcast and audio engineers, but are lightweight, comfortable and rugged enough for DJ's or any other environment where you want high quality sound. A high-efficiency output with wide dynamic range make this perfect for mobile environments. The ultra-soft velvet ear pads and self adjusting headband make these a comfortable for long periods of time. High quality hardware such as gold-plated contacts and a single-sided 99.99% oxygen free cable deliver pure sound transmission, with a frequency response of 16Hz-28kHz. A 3.5mm to 6.3mm (1/8" to 1/4") adapter is included.

  • Headphones weight without cable (g): 240
  • Sensitivity (dB/mW, dB/V): 91, 104
  • Audio bandwidth (Hz to kHz): 16-28
  • Max. input power (mW): 200
  • Rated impedance (ohms): 55
  • Convertible jack plug (1/8" to 1/4") 
  • Replaceable ear pads 
  • Patented self-adjusting headband 
  • Unbreakable metal arches 
  • 99.99% oxygen-free cable (length in m): 3
  • Single-sided cable 
  • Hard gold-plated jack plug and contacts 
  • Patented Varimotion diaphragms 
  • Closed-back, dynamic headphones 
  • NdFe magnets 
  • Suited for (SA)CD, DVD(A), DAT 
  • Best for MP3, CD, MD and PC/laptops 
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Sasha Ouretski
10/01/2009 03:40

Most comfortable full size headphones I have owned. Very well made ("Made in Austria" still = High Quality). The sound is wonderful with plenty of bass. Passive isolation is superb.

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