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The Aiptek GO-HD Z5X is a low-cost pocket camcorder.

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Inexpensive HD camcorder

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Very compact

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HD recording - 1280 x 720 @ 30 fps

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SD cards are relatively cheap.

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Doesn't include built-in memory or an SD card

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No built-in memory

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fits palm poorly

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The Aiptek GO-HD Z5X is a low-cost pocket camcorder. Features on this camcorder geared toward photography include red eye reduction, which makes it so that even at night shots will come out without this aberration. Another photography feature of this camcorder is fixed focus, which allows you to take pictures easily and quickly (though of course you have less control over it than a traditional lens). The 3x optical zoom of this camcorder makes it so the subject comes out clearly in your images. On the video side of things, the GO-HD Z5X is capable of capturing 720p video at thirty frames per second. In order to preview or view the photos and video that you are taking, you can use the 2.4 inch LCD display, which is capable of rotating 270 degrees.

  • 1280 x 720 H.264 Video @30fps        
  • .MOV Video Format        
  • 5 Mega Pixel Digital Camera
  • 3x Optical Zoom w/ Auto Focus    
  • 2.4" Swivel-Reversible LCD    
  • 2-inch Macro Zoom
  • LED Lights    
  • Night Shot    
  • Red Eye Reduction
  • 8GB SD Card Slot Expansion    
  • HDTV Component Output    
  • Charging via AC or USB
  • 2 Li-Ion Batteries Included    
  • Remote Control Included    
Post Review
11/22/2008 08:48

I keep wondering about these Aiptek camcorders. I am currently using an ancient Hi8-based Sony Handycam. I have gone to Circuit City and Best Buy looking for the "best" deals out there. My concern regarding my next purchase would have to be the quality of the lens. I am well aware that Sony uses Carl Zeiss optics on its camcorders while JVC on the other hand uses Minolta (at least to my knowledge). I am leaning toward a flash-based camcorder because I am wary of the hard drive failing on the newer HDDs. I would consider buying an Aiptek, however, it seems the lens is small, motion stabilization is finnicky, sound could be better, and the HD is really high resolution video. I think I will just wait till the JVC Everios decrease in price, and will buy a SD-based camcorder.


06/07/2008 03:29

Fits palm improperly. Might slip out of hand

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