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The Aiptek Action HD Z5X5P is an inexpensive SD based camcorder that can create video at 1440 X 1080 resolution.

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afforadable price

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Excellent High Definition Video quality

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Optical zoom

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60 FPS

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Uses common NP-60 batteries

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auto focus system is poor

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no microphone input connection

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bundle pkg excluded, increase pricing.

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camcorder design could have been improved

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microphone is way too sensitive

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The Aiptek Action HD Z5X5P is an inexpensive SD based camcorder that can create video at 1440 X 1080 resolution. Some of the features the Action HD has are, Auto Focus, 3X optical zoom, and remote control. It can also record video at 1280 X 720 at 60FPS, for fast action video clips. One can record over 2 hours of video at 1280 X720 with an SD card. The Action HD accepts SDHC card up to 32 gigs.

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07/13/2008 11:04

Date April 2008 the Action was released, The Action and other type Hybrids are a PC based camcorder, not a Home Theater pro model. Would you preferre this scenerio. went out forgot the cam, turn around, its gone. Went out, camera fell it's is broken. A person who must have the better things in life will always look at any Economy brand a TOY,
they will preferre a canon, or other High end bulky Model.

The Action USA version was redesigned from its old style MPVr and kept its body style as closet o the orginal as possable, always changing the color scheme.

When the MPVr was released back in April-Aug of 2005 The IS-DV was also on the market, they introduced the first/second stabilization models the release dates were promised , and could not meet the demands and was released in late summer, while the IS-DV hit the market in Mid summer.

Still today you'll find this 50.00 camera the MPVr at 89.99- 149.99 max and the IS-DV 50.00 at 69.99-130.00 max the MPVr with orginal vid and aud issues and the perfect Is-dv without any.

As Aiptek improved their design and issues they introuduced the same troubles always continueing from one model to the other the MPVr-to-the MPVR+-to PVR-to-PKDVR-to-etc.. can get lost in the duplicated and models they made,

The Zoom-dv came out, first 3x optical zoom, sure to be a smash hit, offering 16:9 ratio optical zoom, 6 meg interpolated......... working their way up to the MZ-Dv and other 8 meg cams. finally they released the GO-HD, and A-HD first new cam, and new Ambrella chip. Avc-hd H264 codec.

Aiptek Changed their format big time from PC world to a wanna be Mac, Quicktime world. what they did not mention that they never added the mac support to their cameras leaving out the mac usb Firmware. what a mistake they made. Only way someone found out was when purchased hooked up and called the support team. then did they offer firmware fix.

What did they Improve from the older versions?

a quicker start up time from 7-9 secs to- 2-4 seconds.

excluding :multi features like photoframes, mp3, webcam, and stabilization

Aiptek worked hard taken our Money offering less with better improvements. giving us a lower lux video , adding L.e.d.s improved night mode from a purple haze to a different scheme. correcting the vid and aud issue. but while all the hard work they placed in
they went again a step foward and two steps back. they ruined the sound readjusting its gain, exchanging mic levels, and fine tuning the sensor now making day shots less sensitive causing a lower octive on the Action and A-HD+ while the GO-HD and A-HD have the better low lux in day light.

will Aiptek ever get the camera right. or is it just one major company offering multiple companies to brand their label on, Aiptek, and Ranger, and other of heard of names.

AIptek cameras are a great Budget Economy hybrid  interpolated Cmos cams,offering you a greaat video, it leaves many oppertunities open for projects and modifications, to the device. Simple out of the box operation affordable, and will do its job if given the right scene. For 99.99-119.99 the A-HD, 119.99-149.99 the A-HD+. 199.99 for the GO-HD, and 185-199.99 for the Action.

It's a great PC HYBRID CAMCORDER. for a budget. thank you

07/13/2008 09:33


First lets make it clear the Aiptek Action HD is not a Pro Camcorder.
But the HD video quality is very good, at times its excellent.

Where the camcorder fails is the audio, or the microphone to be exact.
It too sensitive, and personally I believe this could have been fixed before the camcorder went into production.

But what makes the Action HD a Camcorder magnet, is that for $200.00 you have a
HD camcorder, now that is worth it.

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