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It is a hybrid video and still camera and is one of the cheapest devices that records HD video at a 720p resolution.

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Strong flash

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Hundreds of dollars less than competition

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Video capture is actually pretty decent

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Good low light performance

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Light, portable, good value

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Muffled outdoor sound (can be fixed if you use an external mic)

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Annoying placement of record button

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No optical zoom

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Records at 30 fps

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Cannot use while charger is plugged so only 1 hour of recording time

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The Aiptek A-HD V5V is a hybrid video and still camera and is one of the cheapest devices that records HD video at a 720p resolution. This camera costs even less than the already value-priced Aiptek Go-HD. To achieve the lower price with the A-HD Aiptek replaced the lense capable of optical zoom with a plastic lens that limits the camera to digital zoom. Footage can be recorded to an SD card in a variety of modes that affects storage requirements and video quality. The highest quality settings are the 720p resolution mode at 30 frames per second, with the lowest quality being the webcam mode at a decidedly lower resolution. Still camera features include a 5MP sensor, and a burst flash. The packaging rates the camera at 8MP however the real resolution is 5MP with software upscaling the image internally.

Video can be output directly from the A-HD either through the included component cables for, or composite cables for standard definition. The camera can also record content directly through the AV input, though the content is limited to 720x480 resolution. High-definition video is recorded using the popular H.264 codec and saves files as Quicktime compatible MOV.

Clarifications on Packaging
  • 8MP digital camera - but as mentioned is really 5MP
  • 4x digital zoom is offered, however on earlier firmwares digital zoom is limited to 2x. You must update the firmware to enable 4x digital zoom.
  • LED night lights are found on the camera, when they really aren't.
Spec list
  • 1280 x 720 @ 30FPS -in HDPI / HD / H.264
  • 720 X 480 @ 30FPS - Motion : D1
  • 352 x 240 @ 30FPS - Motion : WC (WebCam)
  • 16:9 & 4:3 aspect ratio
  • 3MP, 5MP & 8MP - still shot
  • Built in Flash Strobe, with Red-Eye Reduction
  • 5M CMOS sensor
  • 2x Digital Zoom; Fixed Lens
  • Macro Mode (30cm F to ~ F )
  • 2.4 TFT Color LCD, swivel
  • Nightshot & Limited Video Effects
  • Standardized NP-60 Battery (1000mAh included)
  • HD Output (Component) / HDTV
  • A-V Inputs & Outputs
  • Records A-V Inputs at D1
  • NTSC & PAL (switchable)
  • SD / MMC / HCSD
  • 256M to 8G storage cards
  • 6M internal memory
  • Voice Recording, Playback
  • MOV format, Codecs included on driver CD
  • All cables, charger and straps included.
  • Red or Blue case
  • Charges from USB or AC Adapter
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02/13/2008 07:18

The video is a little washed up. To check this out, use it indoors in low light settings with bright colored objects in the room. For e.g. bright colored plastic cups or something like that.
The audio is Horrible. Try recording video inside a moving car with a person sitting besides you. Play it back and you will not be able to hear anything as the audio would have clipped due to the continous hum of the car.
The price is the only plus point of this camera.

12/21/2007 05:38

My Opinion / Review:
**Highly Recommended**
I looked at a lot of other cameras I took most out of the picture from feature by feature comparisons verses price. Name means a little, but not enough to warrant a $500.00 to $1,000.00 increase in price. Hit a site like CircuitCity and do a side by side features on them, this camera does a lot they won't (Other than drain your wallet). I would suggest this camera to anyone who wants a good camera and a good price to boot, the negative things are picky things that I don't like and most would never notice.
NOTE: Some have stated that the .H264 has a problem with fast movement, and I recorded some races at the speedway down here and I didn't have a problem at all. I did notice some problems on a second computer (Cheaper video card and older quicktime) but they were not on my main computer so maybe it is the computers codecs?

Things I like:
, paying 129.00 or even a list 169.00 for this (a HD 16:9 camera is a great deal) when you look at the price of a Sanyo, Sony, etc. at 600.00 or 1,000.00 for the same basic camera it is CRAZY!
Flash Strobe, this is a real flash tube strobe; that means SUPER bright.
Every feature works just as described (most I will never use even, but they are there!)
Night shot / Low Light - try getting that in a HD Camera for less than 1,000.00 bucks. I'm not sure how low it will go, but I have filmed some pretty dark scenes without a problem.

Flash Strobe Recharge. Ok, I got it for the fact it has a real flash on it, so I know there is a recharge time involved, but some may not like that delay.
Image Stabilization - I personally do NOT like these features as they tend to blur or sheer the video, some may want this though.
No MPG-X mode. I find no problem in this but some may want an MPG-X encoder.

Things I DO NOT like:
Flash location;
Ok, I constantly put my fingers in front of it (I have large hands, and this thing is small - and I know, stop doing that dummy!)
Shape, the shape tends to cause me to misaim the camera.
Memory card location, you have to open the side to remove the card.
Won't auto-power on when you plug in a USB cable.
Video record button, just hard to hit.
Camera button is also hard to hit (for me).
The 2x Digital Zoom (just worthless overall)

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