The sensor is quite sensitive, very quick to light and we experienced no false activations.

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Sensitive to motion

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Instantly add motion-activated light for security and safety - indoors or outInfrared technology senses both movement and heat for fewer false activations; daylight-off function. Compact (3-Inch x 3-Inch) and lightweight (4.3-Ounce) lets you install almost anywhere; easy-mounting slot 10 super-bright LED cast pure white light, last for 100,000 hours, sip battery power. Wire-free installation, operates for months on 3 AA batteries (not included); lead-free RoHS-quality. Effective tool for both security and safety; the sudden activation startles unwanted visitors but also provides safe entrance and room lighting for your family and guests.

The sensor is quite sensitive, very quick to light and we experienced no false activations. An ideal way to add automatic light to dark closets and cabinets; makes a great night light for safer navigation without producing constant light - especially helpful during power outages. Effective range 10-15' front, 15-20' side-to-side, 30-second auto-off; white finish matches any decor. Outdoor installation should only be done where unit will be protected from direct exposure to elements. Also has constant-on setting when needed. 3-Inch x 3-Inch x 1-3/8-Inch; 4.3-Ounce with 3 AA batteries installed (batteries not included).

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  • 10 Super Bright White LED Bulbs
  • 3/4in. Diameter Sensor Ball on Base
  • Requires 3AA Batteries (Batteries Not Included)
  • Hole on Back of Light for Mounting
  • Useful for Lighting Dark Hallways only When Necessary or as a Security Device.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you mount it to the wall? it has a slot on the back. but what can go in there and also go into the wall.

    Just put a small screw in the wall, a normal one or drywall screw and hang it.

  • How often you need to change the batteries?

    It depending on how often you go by it, normally have to change them about every 8 weeks so far.

  • What to do if it staying on all the time?

    Try turning it off for 20 min and then turn it on making sure you have the switch in the center position ( there is off, motion sensing, and full time on postions) If this does not work it probably means the motion sensor has failed in the always on function.

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