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The Scorch Thrill D Mid cleats are a mid-priced pair of men's soccer shoes from adidas.

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looks like an expensive shoe, nice styling

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cleats can be detached and replaced as needed

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mud generally doesn't get stuck on the cleat, comes off easily

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springs your step forward, great for when you need some added speed

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very light weight, won't slow you down at all

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ankle is locked right in, helps with maneuverability

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nylon section of the upper wears out with heavy use

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exposed laces, in theory could affect accuracy

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The Scorch Thrill D Mid cleats are a mid-priced pair of men's soccer shoes from adidas. Though not as lightweight as the closely related Scorch Thrill D Low cleats (which are the most lightweight cleats on the market), the Scorch Thrill D Mid cleats still have a lightweight design that promotes speedy play. The synthetic leather/ripstop nylon upper, a standard feature of the adidas Scorch series, helps to promote the Thrill D Mid's lightweight feel, as well as offering durability. In promotion, adidas emphasizes the fact that these cleats have a laced-in support system, which helps to make your feet feel stable. The non-slip lining contributes to this feeling of stability. The molded EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) insole offers comfort, an important feature for long games. There are several color options available for the adidas Scorch Thrill D Mid cleats.

  • Lightweight design
  • Laced-in support system
  • Molded EVA insole
  • EVA midsole
  • Synthetic leather/ripstop nylon upper
  • Non-slip lining
  • Color options
  • Pebax outsole
  • TPU outsole
  • Imported
  • Detachable cleats
Color Options
  • Black/Silver/White
  • Black/White
  • University Red/White
  • Navy/White
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