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Adidas has come up with a material they call adiPRENE which they claim has superior cushioning properties.

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Provide a pretty good level of comfort/padding.

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Included additional insoles are handy for those who go through them quickly.

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Do a pretty good job of cushioning/softening pavement irregularities.

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Removable insole tends to slide.

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Much heavier than most standard running shoes.

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Tend to ride very high, reducing runner stability.

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Can increase chanes of injury for overpronators.

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Adidas has come up with a material they call adiPRENE which they claim has superior cushioning properties. The elastic material, incorporated into the heal of their Megabounce line of running shoes returns a significant amount of the impact force on the heel back to the runner as forward momentum, while also reducing joint, ligament and muscle impact.

The Megabounce is a high performance running shoes that features an air mesh upper for ventilation, a textile lining, road lugs for grip, and their adiWEAR outsole which they claim increases the durability

It is available in both Men's and Women's styles and sizes in various colour and sells for around $100.

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05/19/2007 03:00

I just got these shoes and they are hella comfortable!! I feel like I can fly. They're all synthetic, which I know all running shoes are, but I feel a little like theres a hunk of plastic strapped to my feet. That said, I love them so far, I hope they break in and don't fall apart when I go running. At any rate I've been wearing diesels and these feel f'n great.

03/20/2007 11:17

Good points, SJ. I do think there is some mega-HYPE going on. I think I'll try these out next time I'm at a shoe store.

03/20/2007 09:52

There is nothing new about adiprene. It has been used as a component in various types of sports gear for decades. Shoe midsole technology is generally intended to absorb shock which is the primary concern of most runners. I'm not sure that I want to feel like a superball when I'm running. Still if the Mega- "bounce" is just mega-HYPE, but the shock absoption is superior....then why not?

03/20/2007 09:02

Anybody have any experience with these. I guess I have to main concerns: 1) I'm inherently skeptical of new shoe technology, and 2) do I really want to conserve energy while running? Aren't I supposed to be getting a workout. If I wanted to get somewhere fast, I would drive.

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