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The Adidas adiSTAR Solution is a high-end pair of running shoes designed for use by both men and women.

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great traction indoors and outdoors

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soft sole offers excellent cushioning, keeps your feet from getting sore

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last a long time before showing signs of wear

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feel very comfortable right away, no real break-in period

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air moves across the foot from all angles, feels cool and keeps dry

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sole is large and feels a little bulky

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looses some responsiveness from the extreme cushioning, some energy loss

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 The Adidas adiSTAR Solution is a high-end pair of running shoes designed for use by both men and women. The Adidas adiSTAR running shoes feature a lightweight body design and mix of Adidas fabric technologies to keep the user comfortable during wear.

The Adidas adiSTAR Solution running shoes features several aforementioned Adidas technologies such as the FORMOTION under-exterior design, adiPRENE forefoot spring, GEOFIT TORSION SYSTEM, a comfortable mid-sole made of foam material named FitFOAM, and an adiWEAR out-sole which Adidas claims is meant to sustain durability even after extended use. The basic idea that Adidas claims, is that all the technologies are meant to work together to create a comfortable and capable running shoe that still retains durability. The Adidas adiSTAR is available in several varying colors for both male and female versions.

  • High-end Running Shoes
  • Designed for Males and Females
  • Lightweight Body Style and Construction
  • Available in Varying Colors
  • Manufacturer with Adidas Technologies
    • adiPRENE- forefoot spring
    • adiWEAR- unique out-sole
    • FitFOAM- Mid-sole elastic material
    • FORMOTION- Under exterior design (meant to be springy)
    • TORSION SYSTEM- Midfoot integrity (protection)
Adidas adiSTAR Solution Running Shoes Available Color Variations
  • Male
    • Grey/Silver/Blue
    • Red/White
    • Black/White
  • Female
    • Grey/ Blue
    • White/ Purple
    • Black/White
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