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The jersey for Toronto's inaugural season in the much anticipated Beckham-era MLS soccer league.

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Inaugural season jersey

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Canadian colours

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Not that great a team (yet)

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The jersey for Toronto's inaugural season in the much anticipated Beckham-era MLS soccer league. The Toronto FC is rapidly developing a fan base in Canada with 12,500 season tickets (a league record) sold for the 2007/08 season. Toronto's head coach is Mo Johnston and they will play out of the newly created BMO Field in Exhibition Place in Toronto, Ontario. Toronto FC's inaugural game is set to be played against home team Chivas USA in Carson, CA on Saturday, April 7th, 2007.

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11/30/2007 01:50

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05/17/2007 08:26

I think the whole jersey situation is pretty lame. They are trying to maximize their profits and I get that, but at least now, when the fans are here and are willing to buy, make the inventory available to them. This is soo not fare and tasteless. They only sell a few so they can jack up price and they only sell them at the field to force people to go to the games if they want to buy the merchandise. It's definately BMO who is behind this and Adidas is making a killing too. I got myself a red "sponsorless" jersey and i like it enough, but if i was to choose between that and a "BMO" one, i'd take the BMO without question. It's not even a nice stitched logo like other soccer Jerseys and it will come off with a few washes. For $130, this is unacceptable I don't understand why they didn't just make those available to the general public in the first place? Like in stores and what not? It's pretty stupid if you ask me, as they would be HUGE sellers everyhere. And what's with charging like $130 for them? I thought the standard price for any and all soccer jerseys is $100. I don't know if that MLS charging that price or it's Adidas. It does seem like a pretty typical MLSE move though (greedy bastards). I guess i'll just have to wait to get a bit of a more "official" shirt. no a Stupid Replica only available. That's fine. I should get some miles out of the "unofficial" one anyways.

04/22/2007 09:07

This is for Benny. For your info Canadians are the most multicultural bunch on the planet and we are certainly getting behind our team. If you are american, you can't comment on the amount of suppourt we have. We have no problem with supporting soccer en mass. I predict we will have the highest average attendance in the league.

02/27/2007 02:40

Jerseys are rather sparce at the moment, I know they have them at the Air Canada Centre store, thats where I got mine, I've heard limited quatities that are not advertised but available in sport outlets like Sportcheck in Oakville , Mississauga and Toronto.

02/27/2007 12:12

I haven't been able to find any Toronto FC jerseys anywhere online (not even eBay). Anybody know anything else? It's amazing the support they are getting in Canada.

02/21/2007 07:34

Where are the Jerseys?

02/13/2007 01:33

you canadians should embrace this sport the rest of the world does so get behind your only professional soccer team and if you do, it may help your chances of hosting the biggest sporting event on earth in the future

02/04/2007 12:16

its about time...

01/30/2007 01:57

Ricardo is the the next Rooney...Rooney is the next Countache....

Special K
01/26/2007 11:57

Does Toronto FC stand for "Toronto Footbal Club"?? The answer is NO. It stands for F'n Crazy!! Cuz thats what this season in TO is gonna be like... I just hope they have a striker that can "Bend it like Rooney".

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