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The LA Galaxy have been to the final of the MLS five times in the league's 11 year history.

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The LA Galaxy have been to the final of the MLS five times in the league's 11 year history. Now, with the acquisition of long time English football star, David Beckham, they are even more likely to create havoc to the rest of their North American opponents. The authentic jersey is made by adidas and features their trademark yellow and green colors (home=yellow, away=white). Other notable players from the Galaxy include Cobi Jones and Landon Donovan.

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Kezy D. Sam
09/14/2011 02:31

in terestinng i have got one jersey from the blue and you know what i am a fun and like it

Ferrie Galaxsy
06/07/2011 07:25

gooooooooooooood galaxy

01/30/2007 10:02

the jersey is ok but we all know that veckham is going to turn up the heat in la

01/19/2007 08:47

honestly yeah beckham playing for galaxy will increase ticket sales/jerseys but i think galaxy needs more than just beckham to win the cup again...

01/15/2007 11:46

If you had asked me who the LA Galaxy were before this Beckham story I would have said a women's basketball team. But I dont know somethin about nuthin.

01/12/2007 05:16

hmmmm...importing soccer stars into a North American Soccer League, where have I seen this before? OH the 1970s, when the New York Cosmos (of the now-defunct) NASL imported Pele and Franz Beckenbauer for large sums of cash to reign terror on a league that was considered to be "bush-league" prior to their arrival. I just hope Beckham's arrival will bring forth a new era of soccer in North America. GO TORONTO F.C.!!! 

check out the dvd "ONCE IN A LIFETIME"...I guess the upcoming sequel, TWICE IN A LIFETIME will be coming out in 2010:

01/12/2007 03:00

Good point sistersylvie, the jersey will change every year as well to keep the $ coming in.

01/12/2007 02:02

Jersey sales are more the reason for him being on the team than his feet.

01/12/2007 01:05

They need better looking jerseys. Nothing is better than Arsenal's Dreamcast kit.

01/12/2007 02:26

I think bringing Beckham onto their roster was a genius maneuver. They paid a hefty sum though so I don't know if it was that worth it.

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