The ADC DIAGNOSTIX 703 is a series of aneroid sphygmomanometer blood pressure monitors.

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The ADC DIAGNOSTIX 703 is a series of aneroid sphygmomanometer blood pressure monitors. The trigger-style air release valve of this latex-free blood pressure monitor allows for easy one-hand usage. The DIAGNOSTIX 703 is equipped with a palm-style manometer, along with a bulb to pump with. The 300mmHG no-pin stop movement of this blood pressure monitor is housed in a double shell ABS impact resistant polymer casing, a feature geared toward durability. The DIAGNOSTIX 703's dip molded inflation bladder is also geared toward durability, and is built to withstand heavy usage. This blood pressure monitor comes with a black leatherette carrying case. This carrying case is equipped with a self-reparing nylon zipper. There are a model options for the ADC DIAGNOSTIX 703, which cater to a variety of potential users.

  • Model options
  • Palm style manometer
  • Latex-free bulb
  • Trigger style air release valve for one-hand use
  • 300mmHg no-pin stop movement tested to 200,000 cycles
  • Movement housed in a patented double shell ABS impact resistant polymer casing
  • Adcuff nylon cuff
  • Dip molded inflation bladder withstands heavy use
  • Quick release luer slip connector
  • Leatherette black carrying case with self repairing nylon zipper
Model Variations
  • 703LF - $88.33, adult use, cuff size: 10.28 to 16.1 inches, choice of teal/dark green/green/black/navy/royal blue/orange/burgundy/magenta/purple/gray/red colors
  • 703N - $87.00, newborn use, cuff size: 3.94 to 5.59 inches, black
  • 703ILF - $88.00, infant use, cuff size: 5.31 to 7.68 inches, black
  • 703CLF - $88.00, child use, cuff size: 7.48 to 10.71 inches, black
  • 703XLF - $97.00, large adult use, cuff size: 13.5 to 20.04 inches, black
  • 703TLF - $104.35, thigh use, cuff size: 15.98 to 25.79 inches, black
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