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Adams Idea Pro Gold Irons are a set of tour-quality irons / hybrids designed for skilled golfers.

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enough forgiveness for beginners, hard to get a miss-hit

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shots fly straight at the target with lots of power

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set up well with narrow, straight lines

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classic look with enough detailing to keep them looking interesting

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enough feedback on miss-hits to let you know you need to adjust

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enough sideways workability to let you shape your shots for most circumstances

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soft buttery feel when striking the ball

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Adams Idea Pro Gold Irons are a set of tour-quality irons / hybrids designed for skilled golfers.  The set features a 3 and 4 hybrid club rather than irons, which are designed to give a more penetrating ball flight with extra forgiveness. These hybrids use Boxer Technology, which is advanced geometric shaping, and improved steel face and enhanced weighting system.  This makes these clubs slightly more forgiving, but keep them very workable for advanced players. The remainder of the set is a 5 to 9 iron and PW, which are classically designed thin top line and sole irons.  They feature a 8620 carbon steel face finished with mirror-chrome plating making them look like the premium clubs they are. A constant offset gives players better control, while an increased volume increase in the face grooves results in better accuracy and feel.  The hybrids feature a Mitsubishi Rayon JAVLN FX shaft while the irons have a Rifle Project X shaft.  Both use a Golf Pride DD2 grip.

Features / Specifications
  • Mixed set of irons / hybrids
  • 3 and 4 hybrid clubs
  •    Boxer Technology
  •    Mitsubishi Rayon JAVLN FX shaft
  •    Golf Pride DD2 grip
  • 4 to 9 and PW irons
  •    8620 carbon seteel face
  •    Mirror-chrome plating finish
  •    Constant offset
  •    Increased groove volume
  •    Rifle Project X shaft
  •    Golf Pride DD2 grip
  • See gallery for more details
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