Spider-Man 3 is the latest film-to-game conversion and is released on the same day as the movie.

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Spider-Man is one of the most recognizable characters from Marvel's Universe and has spawned many movies, games and television shows. With the massively popular Spider-Man movies Spidey games that are based on the movie have also been released and garnered commercial and critical success.

Spider-Man 3 is the latest film-to-game conversion and is released on the same day as the movie. The game follows the same formula introduced in Spider-Man 1 and 2 which puts Peter Parker in a free roaming Manhattan city that lets him swing around and take on missions. In SM3 the developers claim Manhattan is almost 2.5 times bigger than its previous incarnation, and to deal with the increased size there exists a working train and subway system that Spider-Man can utilize to move around the city quickly.

The game has one mode of play where Spider-Man swings through the cities and beats missions by swinging and fighting against enemies. Introduced in this game is what the developers are calling a cineractive which takes the conventional non-interactive cutscene and introduces interactive elements to them so the player is always playing, and never watching.

Alongside Spidey are 9 other characters that the player can control which include the Dark Spider-Man and a number of Spidey's villains including Venom and the Sandman. Each of these extra characters have their own storyline and missions to follow. The main story follows the same narrative as the movie, with extra side missions and other missions available that compliment the story.

Differences between PS3 and Xbox 360 versions

The PS3 version is the only one with an optional collector's edition which includes a second DVD with developer commentary, Spider-Man 3 webisodes, and other extra content. The PS3 version is also the only one that contains the New Goblin as a playable character since the character uses the SIXAXIS motion controller to fly around. Xbox 360 owners get the standard Achievements as exclusive content.

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The movie is awesome

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