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Guitar Hero 4: World Tour expands the formula to include drums and vocals.

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You get to create your own songs

6 agree

Much more realistic drums than Rock Band

6 agree

Countback ater pausing game is good

4 agree

Playing other people's songs should mean there are a ton available

3 agree

full band

3 agree

Better career mode and difficulty options

2 agree

Beginner mode for total newbies is good

2 agree

cool level creator

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No vocals in create-a-song

6 agree

Frustrating instrument compatibility issues

4 agree

There is no 'never fail' mode unlike rockband II

3 agree

You can't tell how hard the song is (overall or for each instrument) unlike rockband I or II

3 agree

Singing terrible compared to Rockband II

2 agree

Open Strum on bass sucks, as does drum roll for a note (elongated note)

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The original pre-made characters have lost their identities with needing to fit the "rock star creator"

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Taking a note out of Harmonix's successful Rock Band series, Guitar Hero 4: World Tour expands the formula to include drums and vocals. The other significant change introduced is the addition of a "Music Studio" mode where players can create songs with all the instruments, with the accompanying note-charts. Created songs can then be uploaded, shared and played among the Guitar Hero community.

  • Drums, Vocals, Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, and Rhythm guitar careers
  • more forgiving design changes for career, and party play
  • more flexible career mode
  • 85 tracks on the disc, all master tracks, with commitment to releases
  • release date: October 26, 2008

The drum kit is different than the one found in Rock Band as there are two dedicated symbol pads, with all pads being force sensitive. Force sensitivity means that the harder you hit the drum pad, the harder the game drum will sound.

The traditional guitar has also been upgraded to include a touch sensitive "slide bar" that lets you modify held notes, and acts as a freeform area during solos. A dedicated "star power" button is another new addition to the guitar for players that have difficulty tilting the neck up, or hitting the "select" button.

Gameplay changes

Other than the obvious change through the addition of more instruments, Neversoft is making changes to how the career mode progresses. Now you can switch difficulty levels without having to restart your career if faced with a particularly difficult song. Furthermore, you can also switch instruments without having to restart your career.

Neversoft is also adding an easy "Rhythm guitar" mode for playing with young children or people that are brand new to the game. The note charts in this mode are extremely simple with very light penalties.

Song creation

Players can create brand new songs with the "Music Studio" feature, and create the sounds and charts for all the instruments except for vocals, which Activision claims were limited by legal concerns. Activision compares the tool to something like Apple's GarageBand software with loops, effects, and speed control.


It is currently unknown as to how many of the currently available guitars for previous versions of GH and Rock Band will be compatible with GH4. Looking at the history, all guitars released for Guitar Hero franchise should be compatible with one another. The big question mark is over the Rock Band instruments. The Rock Band guitar may be compatible with GH4, but it's almost certain that the Rock Band drumkit will not be compatible with GH4 simply due to the different setup and accompanying note-charts.

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11/27/2008 05:49

I find singing in this game is WAY harder than any other singing game. I can't 100% any section of any song in Guitar Hero, but when I sing Our Truth by Lacuna Coil on Rock Band 2, I can 100% the entire song on Hard difficulty, but get a pathetic 72% on Guitar Hero. This makes it very frustrating and makes me want to quit. Also star power is released by pressing A on the controller (there might be another way but I haven't found it yet), so that means if I play an instrument and sing at the same time I won't be able to use star power. And the worst part about singing is the freestyle section: it totally ruins the song.

This game just pales in comparison to Rock Band. I definitely don't recommend this game at all.

06/21/2008 11:13

So the drumset was obviously improved, but why can't they set it up like a real set? They changed it to be more realistic, why not all the way?

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