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The story begins several years after the end of the original.

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top notch graphics and sound design

14 agree

available on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC

11 agree

new Special Ops single / co-op missions

11 agree

secondary weapons don't have to be a pistol

10 agree

great single player storyline and gameplay - continuous variety and intense pacing much like the first game

10 agree

highly detailed character models

9 agree

tons of action going on with very little slowdown

9 agree

lighting engine looks very realistic

9 agree

movie-level music and cinematic presentation

9 agree

tons of multiplayer unlockable perks

7 agree

extremely fast and responsive menus

7 agree

original end-credits sequence

6 agree

new killstreak rewards are awesome

6 agree

a ridiculous amount of people playing so there will always be people to play against

6 agree

well balanced multiplayer

5 agree

bigger, more varied maps

4 agree

runs well and still looks good on lower settings with older hardware

3 agree

deathstreak abilities offer more balance when you're getting dominated

2 agree
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maximum number of online players is 9v9 (on PC)

13 agree

no dedicated servers for the PC version - will be controlled by the developers

12 agree

Serious online multiplayer glitching issues

9 agree

story doesn't make that much sense and isn't explained very well

8 agree

short single player campaign (can be easily beat under 6 horus)

8 agree

new killstreak rewards makes getting dominated that much worse

6 agree

Tons of cheaters in multiplayer matches

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many aspects of the game - including graphics - are merely tweaked, with no major imporvments

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single player still has infinitely respawning enemies

4 agree

veteran difficulty is insanely hard

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Modern Warfare 2 is the upcoming first-person-shooter sequel to the critically-acclaimed Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, in development at Infinity Ward. The story begins several years after the end of the original, as the player takes on the role of a member of an elite multinational commando unit, tasked with countering an ultranationalist organization gaining strength in Russia. Missions will take place in varied locations, including an Afghan desert and Rio de Janeiro. The game is scheduled to be released in November 2009 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

  • First-person shooter
  • Special Forces mode with non-story-based missions
  • Two-player cooperative option in Special Forces mode
  • Varied locations
  • Varied, innovative gameplay elements
  • Online multiplayer
Post Review
02/16/2012 02:52

STORY MODE: easy storyline to follow (example: i started with this game then bought cod4 then MW3 and i understood it perfectly)
Diversity in campaign missions do give a nice balanced feel to the overall campaign.(Stealth,Sniping, Assassination,mass murder,Urban Warfare,Search and rescue)
graphics are good and an improvement from COD4.

SPEC OPS: basically putting the story mode into a time race but with distinct differences, such as added missions,a score system,and altered maps

Multiplayer: an improvement on COD4 but with it's own set of problems:
HACKERS:dominate nearly every server with either dishonestly earning all the bonuses/weapons, or Melee kills from 80 feet away.
SPAWN TRAPPING: is still a problem
QUICK SCOPING: is more fun and easier
WEAPONS: are balanced for the most part except for shotguns that may be perceived as unfair

02/09/2010 10:00

I love this game; but it seriously pisses me off. Sometimes I feel like smashing my controller; and I've never had a game that caused that kind of aggression ever. :o

The online glitches are ridiculous; I don't understand why people just can't play the game like it was meant to be played. Infinite ammo servers hacks, care package spamming, speed glitching and of course the infamous lag switches GALORE. Right when it seems the devs release an update that fixes a serious problem; some fat kid who spends all day looking for glitches comes up with another >:O

Seriously, who sits around all day in their undies looking for these glitches jumping against walls and trying out millions of different combinations... idiots. IDIOTS I tell you!

With that said, spec-ops and single player are great; although the campaign is pretty short.

Worth a buy, or at least a rent!

12/16/2009 07:44

This game could have been executed so much better. It does have good cinematic feel, except its such a pain in the ass to figure out the cinema. Like when you have to set off the bomb in the snow mission, but the game doesn't get out the detonator right away, leading to a confused assault on 50 enemies. Or little hide-in-this-room-don't-stay-on-the-street that are unclear. On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, the snowmobiles had to be the most let down of a snowmobile chase ever. Yeah, it felt like a movie, but there was autoaim out the ass going on. Even some autosteering. I haven't played the multiplayer, but if its like any other COD (which it is) it's still a pain in the ass to tell who's on your side and who isn't. And Search and Destroy still sucks.

11/21/2009 04:23

Just finished MW2 this afternoon. This game is basically a Hollywood movie in game format, which equates to a ton of fun. That said, there are some very sobering moments, even what I would label as disturbing. The thing that really makes this game great is the social commentary in regards to war. Personally, I found this game to have a subtle anti-war message because of the context in which the events ensued. The quotes shown when you die in the game can be quite thought provoking as well. Also, the end credits are quite amusing and original.

11/15/2009 08:58

I've been playing COD:MW2 this past weekend, and I have to say its absolutely phenomenal. It's even crazier than the first. Overall the game is essentially a collection of crazy moments and set pieces that are crazier and more "oh no they didn't" than the last. I have to say though that above and beyond the controversial scenes the fundamental game is actually very well constructed. They mix up what you're doing particularly well, and there's so much going on that it really fills - almost overwhelmingly - the senses.

Something that Call of Duty games do well is make it feel like you're part of a larger conflict. Modern Warfare 2 is better and worse than other COD games depending on the level. The levels where you're Ramirez are friggin sweet with the amount of action that's going on and is even more intense than previous COD games. Whereas the Taskforce 141 counter-terrorist levels are more tactical and almost feel like a Rainbow Six game.

It really is a showpiece for where modern games are heading, and it exceeded my expectations immensely. Multiplayer has progressed over the predecessor, but not by as much. Of course it doesn't really need to because COD multiplayer is one of the most popular multiplayer games ever. I can't think of any FPS fan that wouldn't derive some enjoyment out of the title and get their money's worth. And if you have no interest in FPS titles at all, I still think it's worth it to play the single-player just to experience the ride.

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