The Actiontec HLE08509-01K is a low-end Power-line 4 Port Switch.

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The Actiontec HLE08509-01K is a low-end Power-line 4 Port Switch; meaning that it allows average consumers the option to connect universal networking devices to a home network or internet gateway using a standard electrical outlet; data is then transferred via electrical wiring. This method of power-line networking saves consumers the need for rewiring network cords and adapters throughout an entire house and makes the process that much more simple. The Actiontec HLE08509-01K Switch includes 4 Ethernet ports to extend a home networking service supporting total speeds of up to 85Mbps. The HLE08509-01K is meant to be used with Actiontec's HLE08500-01K  85Mbps network extenders to fully extend a home network throughout an entire establishment as needed; in fact the 4 port switch comes bundled with one Network extender.

The Actiontec HLE08509-01K Power-line 4 Port Switch includes additional features such as easy installation (plug and play) support, Homeplug 1.0 certification support, 56-bit DES data encryption security support, and comes bundled alongside 1 network adapter and 2 Ethernet cables.

It is worth noting that Actiontec's HLE20043-01KP Next-Gen Power-line 4 port switch can be had for about the same price and supports speeds of up to 200Mpbs.

  • Model #: HPE400T
  • Low-end Powerline 4 Port Switch
  • Supports up to 85Mbps Home network speeds
  • Ideal for High bandwidth applications
    • Audio and Video Streaming
    • High Speed Gaming
  • Fully compatible with all routers and gateways
  • Easy installation options
  • 56-bit DES data encryption
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Bundled with:
    • (1) HLE08500-01K Ethernet adapter
    • (2) Ethernet cables
    • Quick Start guide
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