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The Acer K11 is a DLP pico projector released in 2010 as an upgrade from the K10.

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compact design, easy to carry around and set up anywhere

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good image quality

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200 ANSI lumen output - bright for its form factor

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HDMI digital input, as well as the more standard VGA / composite inputs

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allows for the creation of a large display area

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lightweight (1.34 pounds)

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no noticeable lag when used with gaming consoles

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no audio out option to use external speakers

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audio output from the unit itself is tinny and low-fi

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fan is fairly noisy, needs to be kept completely clean or dust makes it louder

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the power adapter is fairly bulky, heavy to carry around, needs to be accounted for during setup to make sure nobody trips

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not HD - projects a fairly pedestrian 856 x 600px resolution

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USB and SD inputs are sluggish, very slow response times

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The Acer K11 is a DLP pico projector released in 2010 as an upgrade from the K10. It maintains about the same 858x600 resolution, but it has twice the contrast (2000:1) and double the lumens (200). And plus the K11 incorporates an HDMI socket, a USB port, and an SDHC memory expansion slot. Despite all the improvements, the K11 only weighs .13 pounds more than its predecessor. Its total weight is only 1.34 pounds, making it easy to carry the device in one’s pockets. Ultimately, the K11 is portable and can be used to make a presentation without a video player or notebook. Additional features include a 20,000 lamp, a glossy black casing, and compatibility with Windows Vista.

  • Pico Projector
  • Upgrade from K10
  • Same Resolution (858x600)
  • Double Brightness/Contrast
  • VGA/Composite AV Ports
  • HDMI Interface
  • USB Interface
  • SDHC Card Slot
  • 1.34Lbs Total Weight
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