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The Acer AOD255E-13633 is a netbook ideal for students with a limited budget.

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Unit is very lightweight with low power consumption - doesn't get overly hot after extensive use, an important feature for safe portability

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Included Windows 7 Starter OS is ideal for many users - lacks the unnecessary bloatware of its fully-featured counterparts

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Battery life is excellent for a netbook - users can expect 8+ hours of usage for the first year with fast recharge times

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Ideal for simplified computing needs - web browsing, e-mail and Skype are executed quickly and smoothly

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Built-in service functions provide instant access to popular web services - Netflix, Skype and eBay applications are especially convenient

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Dedicated Barnes and Noble application allows the device to function as an eReader - great for users on the go without a dedicated device like a Kindle or Nook

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Stock memory handling (1GB) is fairly slow - upgrading to at least 2GB RAM is highly recommended

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The Acer AOD255E-13633 is a netbook ideal for students with a limited budget. It is a small and compact device measuring 7.28" x 10.17" x 0.98" and weighing 2.76lbs, making it portable for day-to-day use. Its 6 cell lithium ion battery also guarantees the user 8 hours on one charge with regular use. Under the hood is Intel's 1.66Ghz Atom processor and 1 GB of RAM which helps with multitasking and application use. This netbook also includes a 250GB hard drive for light storage such as music and documents.

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