About Bootic

What is Bootic? (pronounced bü-ˈtēk)

Bootic's mission is to make the Internet a better place to buy and sell.

Our Mission

Finding online unbiased products' descriptions and reviews is difficult. Our mission is to provide a smarter, more useful experience for online shoppers: search and find in one click, inform in one page and purchase in two steps.

Bootic is committed to maintaining a neutral marketplace, by allowing the shopping community to contribute to product details, free from commercial bias. In partnership with ProductWiki, Bootic is the first marketplace that allows the shopper to express themselves by editing, adding content, and enhancing the overall product description. By delivering more valuable product information through rich product photos, features, details, centralized customer service, and an easy two-step check out process, we are creating a more valuable online shopping experience.

Why Vendors Love our Marketplace

Bootic's ecommerce platform offers a free suite of easy-to-use web-based tools and technology to help our vendors create their own individualized online shops. Unlike other marketplaces, we don't charge fees. On Bootic, storefronts can quickly get up and running without incurring any set-up costs, listing or on-going transaction fees. Bootic empowers small businesses to enhance their online brand while optimizing a new revenue stream.