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If you like world history, strategy games and like to pass time away, this game is for you.

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Addictive, manageable 4x game.

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Great tutorial system makes a very deep game easy to understand for beginners.

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Great visuals, but can be played on low-end systems without losing any gameplay elements.

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Lots of options for multiplayer: hotseat, LAN, internet

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Huge amounts of interesting historical data presented in a fun and engrossing manner - genuinely educative.

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No real "catch up" system, whoever is leading by mid-game is going to win

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If you like world history, strategy games and like to pass time away, this game is for you.  Civilization IV is part of the Civilization series.  It has all the components of a fantastic game: great presentation with powerful new 3D graphics, great soundtrack and fun game play.  You play a political leader in a fictious intention to take over the world.  You start from the Stone Age and make your way through to the Space Age.

It is the best thing since Civ. III!  

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01/24/2007 10:56

I got hooked on the original CIVILIZATION way back when it first came out. We played for hours if not days on my friends brand new killer system: 386sx, 25MHz, 80MB HD, 16MB ram. Thats crazyness if not ludicrous by todays standards. Either way CIV 3 was the next iteration I had time to play and is still one of THEE coolest games I have ever played. From time to time I will play CIV 3 to completion.....Cant wait to try out CIV 4 !!!

01/24/2007 01:11

I'm not really big on video games and I was introduced to it by some friends. It interested me to play a game that allowed me to see the outcomes of implemented strategies, and it seems endless. I never got around to finishing it because it is addicting. As one friend said, "I have failed my physics class, but I just conquered Europe". Instead of watching television to zone out, this game does the trick.

01/22/2007 10:38

I don't know about non-gamer, but its kind of like the sims. You create whatever you want, so I guess it has mainstream appeal.

01/22/2007 07:42

Interesting concept. How appealing is it to the non-gamer?

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