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BioShock is a first-person shooter that is the spiritual successor to the cult classic game System Shock.

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Fantastic audio design

23 agree

Compelling plot and setting

22 agree

Quality voice acting

21 agree

Huge amount of variety in weapons and tactics

20 agree

Seemless integration of story and gameplay

20 agree

Satisfying combat

19 agree

Submersive gameplay experience

17 agree

Multiple endings

10 agree

Amazing visuals!

7 agree

lackluster ending

2 agree
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Death/revive system can the make game too easy

20 agree

No multiplayer mode

16 agree

often hard to hear transmissions and diaries over environmental noise (on default settings)

6 agree

hacking is more like plumbing - albeit still fun

5 agree

Future microtransactions to unlock more plasmids essentially charge me for what I have already paid for.

2 agree

Third-person shooters are better than first-person

2 agree

Not much replay value after story ends

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BioShock is a first-person shooter that is the spiritual successor to the cult classic game System Shock. BioShock takes a more thoughtful approach to the genre as opposed to traditional run and gun gameplay. The three standout features that the developers strive for are with the setting and storyline, the open natured gameplay, and the advanced artificial intelligence.

The game takes place in an underwater city named Rapture. Surviving a plane crash at the beginning of the game you find your way to this lost city, a decrepit and crumbling shadow of its former self. The ocean is reclaiming the space, and the inhabitants have turned into bloodthirsty mutants. During the course of the game you uncover how Rapture fell from its grace of a 1940s Utopian dream to the current nightmare. Minimal use of cutscenes are used as information is spread around the environment itself in newspapers, posters, and radio broadcasts.

At its core the game is a first person shooter, meaning you run around the environment in the first person perspective shooting and killing your enemies. Irrational is trying to mix up the formula by giving players many options to work with. There are eight weapons available that can be customized with various options, alongside the 60 abilities that are found in the game. Abilities, or Plasmids as they're known in the world, let you perform superhuman acts such as launching fire, electricity, or confusing your enemies.

BioShock differs from other games in that the enemies are not out to specifically get you. Irrational games states that each character in the world of Rapture has their own "brain" and motivations, usually revolving around the harvesting of ADAM which is the oil/money/water of the world. Since ADAM is a very limited resource that results in you battling the other characters, but also results in the characters battling each other.

Both a PC version and Xbox 360 version are set for simultaneous release. Both versions of the game have received design and optimization to ensure the interface suits mouse and keyboard, and a controller respectively.

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09/20/2009 06:22

This game is currently $5 on direct2drive, so anyone looking to catch up for the Feb. release of BioShock 2 might want to check it out.

11/13/2008 06:11

Great game overall, graphics and visuals are stunningly beautiful in many areas. There are several endings as well depending on the decisions you make during the game, however after seeing the endings there is really no replay value. Unless of course you want to go back and experience the amazing visuals all over again, but even that gets old.

10/03/2008 06:13

I am a huge first person shooter fan, but I didn't like this very much, its a gorgeous game but with no multi player option, it gets old way too fast.

08/17/2007 10:37

I'm not a huge first-person shooter or RPG fan, but the story is what gets me. I'm really intrigued by the Utopian/Dystopian concept of this game. (A whole whack of perfect 10 reviews doesn't hurt either)

08/14/2007 02:35

Man I want this game! The more I hear about it the more I love it. PC version for me (no Xbox (now to play my extremely tiny violin, sadly not the worlds smallest, but close!)). Anyway... this game is going to be great, hopefully I'll get it for Christmas or something.

08/06/2007 05:23

Sounds like it's off to a better start than Lair lol!

08/03/2007 12:10

Two reviews so far: Official Xbox Magazine in the UK gave the game 10/10. and PC Gamer gave the PC version 95%. Looks like it's going to be a pretty special game.

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